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We are a group of reliable wholesale suppliers of Nestle Nido Milk Nido Milk Powder – 400 gms, 900 gms. 1800 gms & 2500 gms at very competitive price with all size of Nestle Nido Milk powder 400g,900g,1800g,2500g and available in all text English , French , Arabic Nido Milk powder 400g Tin x24pcs Nido Milk Powder 900g Tinx12pcs Nido Milk Powder 1800g Tinx6 pcs Nido Milk Powder 2500 g Tinx6 pcs Certification SGS/Equivalence.

1. milk powder nido 24 tins x 400g = 910 cartons per 20ft container
2. milk powder nido 12 tins x 900g = 900 cartons per 20ft container
3. milk powder nido 6 tins x 1800g = 700 cartons per 20ft container
4. milk powder nido 6 tins x 2500g = 600 cartons per 20ft container

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Nido is a dry whole milk powder and was first launched during the 1940s as an extremely versatile and practical milk powder, ready to use at all times. The same is true to today as Nido milk powder can be used in many recipes and drinks, as a simple substitute for fresh milk. This powdered milk beverage with a delicious honey flavor has 13 vitamins and minerals to help support your toddler’s healthy growth and development.

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Buy nido milk or Bebelac Milk that helps support your baby’s growth, brain, and eye development. Reduced-lactose infant formulas and nutritionally complete and easy-to-digest, modeled after the complete nutrition & gentleness of breastmilk. Our  formula helps to avoid fussiness & gas due to milk or lactose intolerance for digestive comfort while providing complete nutrition. Number one pediatrician recommended brands and breaks down proteins that are easier to digest for babies with food allergies.

Packed in a protective atmosphere.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep the tin closed.
Best Before: See base (EXP)

Safety Warning

Not to be used to feed infants below 12 months of age.

Preparation And Usage

3x 32.5 g Nido®+ 225 ml water=250 ml
32.5 g milk powder and 225 ml water makes 250 ml reconstituted milk with 3.7% milk fat.
130 g milk powder and 900 ml water makes 1 Litre reconstituted milk with 3.7% milk fat.

(See detailed rules for growing up formula milk)


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