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With distinctive origins in the volcanic highlands of the Auvergne National Park in central France, volvic is a unique natural mineral water. Acting as a filter which purifies the water, fresh rain waters seep slowly through many layers of volcanic rock and sand while naturally imparting a low mineral content, the essential elements which makes volvic unique..

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Item: Volvic Water
Manufacturer: Alere 
Dimensions 14 x 10.5 x 12.5 inches; 38.03 Pounds
Origin: FranceVolume: 18 Liters
UPC: 038947123285
Shipment in 20ft / 40ft containers available

Minimum Order: 1 x 20 feet Container.



Buy Volvic Water Bulk

Volvic, a mineral water created by rainwater that seeps slowly underground through porous layers of volcanic rocks, Volvic Spring Water comes from one of the most preserved and biggest ecosystems in Europe. With naturally occurring electrolytes such as  Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Bicarbonates, Silica and Sulfates, the earth’s natural filter gives Volvic its perfect mineral balance . Volvic Water is impeccable with a low mineralization and it is only when Volvic water is bottled that it sees the daylight for the first time.
Before bottled immediately without any contact with the outside world, Volvic is drawn from a huge underground reserve in the heart of the volcanic highlands of the Auvergne National Park in central France. Multiple checks permits volvic water to always remain pure and natural.

  • Unique mineral content comes from multple layers of natural volcanic filtration giving it its ideal fresh taste.
  • This Bottle is 100% Recyclable and Contains Recycled Plastic.*
  • Volvic brand very famous for its smooth and fresh flavor and handy bottles.
  • Countless checks ensure Volvic always remains as pure as nature intended.
  • Buy Volvic Water Bulk with an Ideal mineral balance.
  • Volvic  spring source regularly tested to ensure its continued quality and freshness.

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Polyethylene terephthalate is a 100% recyclable material made of PET and therefore are 100% recyclable. The PET recycling code is clearly labeled on the bottom of the Volvic bottles. Our Volvic packaging is not made from materials containing Bis-phenol and is Packed 12, 1.5- liter bottles,

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