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For more than 120 years, Alpine milk has been used to create Milkas Milk Chocolate. Fresh From the Alpines  and Sourced from family run farms, this milk is what gives the chocolate its unique taste and texture.
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Product details

Item: Milka chocolate
Shape: Chocolate bar
Color: Black, Brown, Multi-Colored
Model Number: DFHTRYR6
Place of Origin: Italy
Packaging: As requested by customer

Shipment in 20ft / 40ft containers available
Minimum Order: 1 x 20 feet Container.




Buy Milka Chocolate Bulk

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Be it at home or the office, and these gourmet European chocolate bars are perfect for any occasion. After dinner, relax with a mid-afternoon chocolate treat or have a moment to remember with some friends and family. Milka chocolate bars are great for care packages, birthdays, gift baskets, holidays, and simple desserts.


Each Milka chocolate bar includes carefully selected Hazelnuts, Alpine Milk, Crispy Caramel Peanuts, OREO, White Chocolate, Cherry Filling, Strawberry Yogurt, Happy Cow, Raisins Nuts, Daim, Whole Hazelnuts, , MIlka TUC, Ahoy,  Raspberry filling, Choco Oreo, Noisette, Caramel filling, and new upcoming flavors.
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